Boring Updates

The baby says it all.

Here is your weekly freebie, courtesy once more of the amazingly talented (and award winning!!! yes, the three !!! make it seem more important. It’s statistically proven!!!) Sarah A Hoyt.

Witchfinder — Chapter Three

Look around on the site for the first two chapters. It’s a pretty good read so far, except that I am an impatient bugger and want it all now. *sigh*

I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I am officially on the guest list for MidSouthCon 30 this coming March 23-25. I received confirmation just this past week. I’m relieved and excited. Relieved because I got an answer (and it was the answer I had been hoping for), excited because it means I get to visit Memphis, TN for the first time in my life.

I’ve traveled extensively despite being only 33, partly thanks to the US Navy, but somehow I never actually made it to Memphis. Granted, I can’t think of a lot of activities that might drag me there (I’m not a *gasp* big BBQ fan, and blues is hit and miss with me), so there’s reason I haven’t thought about traveling there before. But now, now I am honored guest! City gracious to hold all of me! Eat lots of pork, I shall! Muwahahaha!


So right now my con schedule sits at Mysticon in Roanoke, VA in February, and then MidSouthCon in March. I haven’t heard anything from Libertycon yet, which is to be expected. Ravencon is in April, and I probably am not attending this year due to logistics issues (i.e., work), though I know a lot of people who are. I have an open invite (probably) to both ConTemporal and FandomFest, but I’m not sure either of those is going to work. They’re too close to Libertycon, which always has first dibs on my services (if they want it, those sly dogs…).

Still writing, still working. Hand isn’t falling off, so I guess the hour of OMG pain when applying the peroxide was worth it. I got back the first draft of The Cold and realized that I suck at horror. Nonetheless, I shall take the editor’s suggestions to heart and fix the problems. No word yet for In the Shadow of Paradise, though I do know it’s on the editor’s desk. So…

More next week, it appears.

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