#OccupyHell and Other Tags

It’s strange. It’s been over 16 months since the Colonel Kratman interview and it’s still generating plenty of traffic. The only thing that is generating more is my Larry Correia interview, which blew everything away at the time and is still plenty popular. Of course, everyone else is in on the Monster Hunter secret now, and his books are finally getting the notability and popularity they deserve, but still…

Corruptor is back on sale again over at Amazon. Usual 34% off and so on. I’m still not impressed and am waiting for the price to drop to $12. Then we can throw a big party and buy a ton of copies, right? Well, in theory at least.

The whole #OccupyHell tag I’ve been running on Twitter in conjunction with #Heroesinhell, #LawyersInHell and #InHell has gotten me a few more followers. Helps spread the word about the various books I have out, right? Again, in theory, but… I haven’t noticed an uptick in sales, so all my viral publicity approaches have fizzled out for the most part. I suppose I can go about sending out more review copies, but really, there’s not a lot more I can do on my end outside of paying for advertisement. Which could help, but more than likely won’t. It’s hard to determine whether you want to spread around the publicity or strike at one specific locale. I’ll just sit in a wait-and-see approach for a few more days before deciding.

Still waiting for the release date to be announced for Sha’Daa: Pawns. I’m uber-excited about this, because somewhere in there my story, Crouching Seal, Sleeping Dragon will be featured. As I mentioned in the past (many times), this one was fun to write and I can’t wait to see what it turns in to.

I. Can’t. Wait.


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