A Post About… Something? I Forget.

...and afterwards, I'm thinking Arby's.

I swear by the unholy fires of Mordor that I will make my Carne Tres Queso Chili this winter. It’s cold, my fingers are numb from it and I really want some of my cursed chili. Mental note to self: buy a chili pot or, money allowing, a crock pot.

…just saw report on the news about how Washington, DC is now the richest area in the US. That’s not good, if you really think about it. Seriously. $140K to update a Facebook page?

Anyways, I finally got around to working on some more writing today (since the rest of this week had, thus far, been a bust). The first item of business has been attempting to negotiate with the cat about daddy’s writing time. Unfortunately, I apparently suck at negotiating. The cat has deemed that my lap be his Place of Power and my hands the Great Items, and has been ruthlessly trying to commandeer all of the above in order to further his own world domination ends. Casper is a punk sometimes.

Maybe I should have named him Augustus Caesar? Yeah, like he’d answer to “Auggie”.

…I can’t remember what triggered this post. Strange. Had a really good one planned and then… nothing. Hrm.

Well, back to writing I suppose.

One thought on “A Post About… Something? I Forget.

  1. Good luck with Casper the cat. I don’t have this problem with my Mom’s dogs; they stay down, for the most part, unless they want to be fed. (They do love attention, but they’ll wait. Mostly.)

    Good luck with the crock pot . . . I’d give you mine (as I have an extra one I’m not using), but I don’t live close. 😦

    The chili sounds excellent. 🙂

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