Jealousy Reigns

I wish I was as original as some authors.

They have really cool blog posts where they talk about fish, God and writing as a whole (okay, so maybe that’s only Sarah… but still, cooler than me) or they ramble on about absolutely nothing and still garner mass acclaim (you know who you are) for their insightful meanderings. Still others are just too cool and don’t need no stinkin’ blog.

Okay, so maybe I’m a little jealous.

A smidge.

Anyhow, I’m wrapping up another short story before the end of December due date and trying to get The Green Jewel and The Midnight Crew prepped for final runs through the editor. Then it’s off to the printer for those two YA books, both of which have been too long in the making. After that I need to get Orchimedes in (thanks, Dan, for the name for that one btw) before… March, I think.

So things are slowing down. Work is commencing (only 50+ hours a week, not so bad), and I am settling in finally in Lexington.

I wonder what’s going to happen next…

Also, spent Thanksgiving with Janet and Chris Morris. That was a lot of fun and I got to see Tros, who I hadn’t seen since June. He’s getting huge and very stallion-y.

Poor guy.

If you know thoroughbreds you know what I mean, and knows what happens next.

One thing I’m not jealous of.

I guess I can quit whining now.

One thought on “Jealousy Reigns

  1. It’s good you’re able to keep your writing quality and quantity high despite the high workload. I’d be jealous of _you_ were I prone to be jealous of _anyone_, but I know how hard you’ve worked and how much you deserve any success that comes your way.

    As for stallions and what they may or may not be awaiting . . . I don’t know. Barbaro was a valiant stallion and the hope was that they could save his leg (I know you remember the story) but ultimately, they couldn’t. (He would’ve stood at stud, but never would’ve been able to race again.)

    IOW, whether it’s for an animal or a person — animals often seem to have purer souls, to those of us animal-lovers who observe such — life is short, often _too_ short, and nothing can be taken for granted. (I wish it were otherwise.)

    In this case, you’re working hard, observing and appreciating nature when you can, and have the companionship of good people around you — all pluses, IMNSHO. _And_ you’re keeping your writing going. And you have a nice blog, too . . . so please, stop worrying about “keeping up with the Sarahs (er, I meant _Joneses_)” already, will you? (Please? 0:-))

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