Gotta admit, there’s a nice sense of accomplishment that comes after you’ve had a story accepted from a publisher.

Of course, then shortly after there’s the sudden sense of impending doom because you realize that somewhere, somehow, someone might not like your story.

It’s a rough feeling, knowing that you can’t please everyone.

One of the things I’ve had the most trouble with is that I know many people aren’t going to like my stories. There will be a character that I absolutely love and others will despise them (*coughGavriecough*), or a story idea that just doesn’t resonate with them.

It’s okay, really. I don’t expect everyone to like everything I write (or anything, when it comes down to it). It should be okay for you to not like something I wrote. I know I don’t like reading certain stories from my favorite authors, no matter how much I like their previous works.

But still…

But I have that sense of accomplishment still. That sense of dread?

Not here yet.

It’ll come though, just you wait.

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