Internet is Back

You may have noticed that a lot of my posts are now “naked”. Until this “SOPA” thing goes the way of the dodo (thanks, Congress, for making yourselves look even dumber than normal), I am being über careful about any images that go up here.

LOLcatz is safe (for now), but I was in a “click and swipe” mood and everything got zapped – including my book pics (oops).

Once again, life has stepped in and squashed any hope I had of updating SBR and getting the three reviews up. The three books I had planned to review are Blackdog by K. V. Johansen (eh), Planesrunner by Ian McDonald (pretty good) and Variant by Robison Wells (f*cking epic). Variant in particular bugs me that I haven’t reviewed yet, mainly because it was that damn good. I also need to get around to reviewing Vampire Empire: The Rift Walker, which was the sequel to The Greyfriar. Then I need to review… uhh…. hrm… something else. I don’t remember what it was off the top of my head and I lost my list.

Getting ready to make an announcement for a project I’ve been working on. Publisher said it’s a tentative “yes”. I’ll have more this week about it.

I hear the cover for Adventurers in Hell is stunning.

I can’t wait to see it (and post it here).

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