Heavenly and Hellishly

Huzzah! Happy New Year!

…oh wait, that was yesterday.

This year is going to be the Year of the Dragon (woot… well, starting Jan 27) and though I am wasn’t born in a dragon year (I’m a horse), I’ve always had a strong affinity and friendship with the dragon. I even have a few dragon tattoos at various locations on my body (shoulders and back, you perv). On the whole, 2012 is going to be a great year.

Lawyers in Hell is up at the Preditors & Editors Poll for Best Anthology. Here is the link; it’s a difficult page to navigate and (at the worst of times, it seems) often locks up. Simply scroll down, look for Lawyers in Hell and click the button. They’ll ask for a reply in email to  prevent ballot stuffing (yeah, because nobody has ever had more than one email… *sigh*). But this will help spread the word about Lawyers in Hell and be a nice little feather in the cap for one of my publishers. Plus, a vote for this book is a vote for me, since I don’t have any other nominations this year. If you forgot what story I wrote for it, well, for shame. Naw, it’s my fault. Yes, I slacked. Sorry.

Awesome recipe: blueberry cream cheese filled muffins. Heavenly. Now if I can only get my work to cover my expenses while I, er, test this in the 18-40 demographic market….


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