Thought about adding a new page on the website for book covers but… eh. Once I have more book covers to share (Sha’Daa: Pawns, Adventurers in Hell and What Scares the Boogeyman?) I’ll probably create the page. It’s not that hard really, one of the main reasons I like WordPress so much as a website platform. Most people use it as a blog (which this is, really) but it is nice if you don’t want a flash-heavy website (or the hassles of server downtime).

Plus, I don’t have to contact my webmaster (or webmistress) about an update. That’s kinda nice to have control over that.

The annual Preditors & Editors poll is up. Right now, Lawyers in Hell is in first place for anthologies. Why not help us pad that lead (and help me) and vote? As last year, scroll down after clicking this link and click the button for “Lawyers in Hell” and then follow the instructions. It’s that easy and, best of all, you can help me redeem myself after last year’s disastrous 2010 Best Thriller campaign (thankfully, I did not have to do the “Thriller” dance at Libertycon, as per agreement if I won. I finished in 9th (as I said, disastrous)).

First review of 2012 went up on Sunday over at SBR. I reviewed Variant by Robison Wells, which was an amazing book for the debut novelist. Here is the link, which (as I detail in the review) is on my must-buy list now. I’ll be more diligent about reviews over there. Work just took hold and refused to let go until after Christmas.

I think I’m back now, which is good. I have only a limited time before the craziness begins.

I’ve got the control back and this time, I’m not letting go.


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