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Worked a bit on the Sha’Daa: Catechism story, featuring three of the lost Faberge eggs of the Romanovs. It’s creepy and fun, but being a little stubborn at the moment. It’s hard to write this style, which goes against the grain for me. However, I shall persevere.

Or die trying.

Two books being reviewed this week: first, the biography of Edward VI, the only legitimate son of Henry VIII and eventual ruler of England. He’s passed over quite a bit in history, due to his father and his sisters (Mary and Elizabeth), but he was a severe Reformer who wanted to see the Reformation take even further hold in England.

The second is a new Bartimaeus novel, the first one in a long time. The Ring of Solomon takes place long before the original series begins, during the reign of King Solomon of Israel. It stars our favorite djinn, Bartimaeus, as he strives to fulfill his quest (and not get tormented and eaten in the process). Snarky and fun, this novel reminded me why I loved Stroud’s sarcastic stylings.

Also racing (against the clock, it seems) to get a few more books done and out to publishers. Wraithkin is getting close, with only two more edits/run-throughs until I’m remotely satisfied and can end it off to the FRC (First Reader Corps). The same can’t be said of either The Green Jewel or The Midnight Crew. *sigh*

I’m sorely falling behind schedule.

At the risk of sounding redundant, I guess I should get back to writing. These books aren’t going to write themselves, after all.

One thought on “The Writing News

  1. aw, heck, you can do it. *ok, not much of a cheering section but then that’s probably a good thing, as my wife looks much better in her cheerleader outfit. looking forward to the Wraithkin if/when it get’s to the public eye. The premise is just too good to pass up in a novel.

    Take Care.

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