Stalk Me At Mysticon

So my programming for Mysticon has arrived and I’m excited. Not because of anything important, just that CON SEASON is upon us (at last!!!).

Wanna stalk me (well, discreetly at least)? Without further ado, here is my schedule:

  1. Fri, 7:00 PM – Signing Table — I’ll be signing whatever is thrown my way: napkins, boobies, small pets, boobies, blank pieces of paper and oh, my books.
  2. Fri, 11:00 PM – Boardroom 1 — (What Was Your Gateway Drug?): Pretty easy panel. Started off with the light stuff, the kind they say doesn’t really do any harm (Piers Anthony, Dragonlance, etc) and morphed to a full-blown addict (Ringo, Drake, Scalzi, etc).
  3. Sat, 12:00 PM – Dogwood 1 — (The New SF/Fantasy TV & Film Review): This one is challenging, because I don’t really watch TV. Oh sure, I Netflix stuff like No Ordinary Family and Terra Nova but, other than that? I’m going to have to do some research beforehand so I don’t look like a bigger fool…
  4. Sat, 9:00 PM – Dogwood 2 — (Small Press vs Self-Publishing): This one is going to be fun. I’m actually straddling both sides of this fence right now (self-publishingChristian Cole, looking for a small press (or bigger) for Wraithkin). I hope they don’t stick me with people who are 100% pro one side or the other. That could take away some merits of a potentially helpful panel for aspiring authors.
  5. Sun, 12:00 PM – Dogwood 1 — (Gaming and Fiction Crossovers): finally! This is my panel. I mean, who better to talk about this than me?

15 Days and counting…

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