Olympic Sport of Procrastinating

Seriously, gatos. It's not like you'd know what to do with me even if you did catch me... which you never will, because you lack thumbs and can't unlock screen doors.

There is a male cardinal on my bird feeder right now, tormenting my kitties. He chirps, they chirp back.

The brainwashing has begun. Excellent

Received my first royalty check last week and (I’m rich! Rich! Bite me, haters! Muwahaha!) can now buy myself dinner. Yeah, really. Authors don’t generally make a lot of money, you know? We have to have second jobs (or in my case, four, because I can’t help but to work this much) to pay off the majority of the bills.

But yeah, this check was for Corruptor, which has done surprisingly well (considering all the crap that happened leading up to the release) for being such a small little novel (little as in 120,000 words, but I digress) with hardly any publicity behind it. Of course, the first quarter in sales was the best so far, and I don’t think I’ll see those numbers ever again. At least, not until other books take off and people hear that I’d written this “other” book long, long ago.

Yes, I have delusions of grandeur. Sue me.

Still writing, still working, still reviewing. In fact, I have a review going up today over at SBR. It was a disappointing book, but I survived. Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing Allison Weir’s The Wars of the Roses. That was a much better book, though she does have one annoying habit in her writing style that nearly drove me crazy.

We’re hoping for a July release of Rogues in Hell, which features In the Shadow of Paradise, my contribution. You can see a brief snippet of it here. One of my favorite short stories to date. We’re also hoping to see both What Scares the Boogeyman? and Sha’Daa: Pawns before the year is out. Still not sure what timeframe we have for Wraithkin (75% done) or if we’re going to have a sequel for Corruptor (still debating if I want to get Obliterator published or just kill it).

I should read some more. I’ve got Robert Hoyt’s Cat’s Paw and it’s sitting there, mocking me, reminding me that I only have an hour a day or so right now of free time to read and I should be reading it. Blargh.

Okay, enough procrastinating. I swear, if it was an Olympic event I’d gold medal it every single time…

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