Advice Sought

I’m a little sad. I feel like my desktop, which has traveled across the country with me (and halfway back) is on its last legs.

I’d been having issues with the video card for a while now (had to replace the old one two years ago), and I’m not the best about remembering to get in there and dust it out with a can of air. The computer is lagging (600GB and it lags?) when I try to run anything complex. It’s got me worried enough that I have backed up everything multiple times over the past few weeks (okay, backed up pictures and books… nothing else on the machine would be a problem replacing).

So now I’m short on funds and am in need of a new computer. I have my eye on various laptops but I an unsure which to save up for.

I do like the Macbook Pro, but I’d have to buy MSOffice for it, since I abhor any and all Mac word processors. I’ve tried using them all, so don’t preach “You just need to learn it better” to me. I don’t have time to learn it. I need it to write books, not create a fun photo album that can immediately be uploaded to YouTube with a music overlay. Plus, a Macbook Pro would be out of my price range (unless Apple is willing to hook a brother up…).

I’ve heard good and bad things about Acer, but I know nothing about them. Rudimentary initial research shows that while they make killer netbooks, their laptops are a little problematic. While I would love something like a netbook, until they make it with a large enough keyboard (without having to USB port a bigger keyboard) I’m not interested.

I’m not getting a Dell or HP. I’ve learned my lesson.

So… am I missing a brand? Any laptop out there that someone would definitely recommend?

2 thoughts on “Advice Sought

  1. Business class Dell are OK, personal class are crap. Toshiba’s aren’t bad either, if you can get the metal framed ones. And as a Business kid, with a second in tech support for the local office, I see a lot of Sony’s that seem to stand the moderate test of time. But as with all choices, Brand is relative, and laptops are going to trade robustness for weight and battery life at a given price point, especially when compared to some of the compact form desktop systems.
    I guess it all depends on what you ‘really’ want out of it. I personally run a Dell Business Class Vostro 1700, it’s lasted more than five years now, but it’s a little heavy for ‘easy’ portability. Not impossible, just a little big at 17″ and a full scale keyboard (if you knew how hard is is for me to type on anything smaller, you’d understand why I made the trade for size vs. weight)

    Good luck mate. It’s tough to part with a favored workhorse, but sometimes you just gotta move on up to the times.


    • Thanks Dan. I was looking at cloud-based computers but until MS Word is a cloud-based app or program, I won’t be going that route. I, like you, need a big keyboard (big fingers) so finding one with a full keyboard is a must. Portability is not an issue (since I rarely travel anymore).

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