Finally got around to reviewing The Kingmakers. Too bad for you that it’s not being posted for another two weeks. Why? Well, because the book doesn’t come out until Sept 4.

The first Failsafe novel (right now, tentatively titled Beneath A Banner Burned) is moving very, very nicely along. I don’t know what it is about brunette air pirate captains with red corsets and an eye patch, but Captain Annie has really grabbed my imagination. The last character to do that so convincingly was Christian Cole.

However, in creating the Failsafe universe, I made a tactical error: I allowed the Texas and California Republics to remain. Oops. That could create some tension- oh who am I kidding. It’s going to create a hell of a lot of tension between the Native Americans of the plains, the Texans, the Californians, the Mexicans (drastically depopulated due to previously mentioned Indians), the United States, and the powerful might of Portugal, which still controls Brazil and is the finest navy in the world. Hey, it’s feasible. Oh, and let’s not forget the burgeoning Weimar Republic (with Austria unifying Germany, not Prussia), France and Great Britain.

Jesus. I have way too many players on the international scene there. Excellent.

Later this week I’ll be guest blogging at Sarah Hoyt’s site. I plan on talking about high fantasy and reading/writing what you love. Since I don’t really love high fantasy, you can just imagine how this is going to go (hint: badly). However, it will be entertaining, so take it as you want.

Mailed out the contract for The Finder’s Keeper today. I feel better about myself now. I also have a four day weekend (no idea how I wrangled that one), so I plan on being online some more and working on books. I have deadlines!

…and they’re going to make a wonderful noise as they whoosh on by.

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