Contract Sent

Mailed off the contract for Dreamers in Hell today, which is a load off my chest. If you recall, In the Shadow of Paradise was supposed to be out in Rogues in Hell last year, but issues put it back a book. That's okay, because it's officially coming out this year. My Juan Ponce de Leon story is finally coming to … Continue reading Contract Sent


Finally got around to reviewing The Kingmakers. Too bad for you that it's not being posted for another two weeks. Why? Well, because the book doesn't come out until Sept 4. The first Failsafe novel (right now, tentatively titled Beneath A Banner Burned) is moving very, very nicely along. I don't know what it is about brunette air … Continue reading Whooshing

Another Story

Just got word that I've been accepted (officially) into the next Dreams of Steam anthology from Kerlak. My short, "The Finder's Keeper", can be previewed here. I'll have a link and cover art as soon as I have it. Waiting on news for two more stories. Meanwhile, am working nonstop and am in the midst of a damn-near … Continue reading Another Story