Libertycon 27 AAR

So Libertycon 27 came to a close and all in all, it went tremendously well. I met new people, made new friends, ran into old friends, made a fool of myself (this is typical) and am now dealing with a very screwed up sleep schedule. So I rolled into Libertycon about three in the afternoon... Continue Reading →

End of Year Time

Tonight I'm going to celebrate the end of 2013 with panache and class. Yep, I'm going to crack open a bottle of champagne, cook up some finger foods and pass out around 11:30PM. That's just how I roll. I'm so hardcore. I'm looking back over 2013 and I must say I'm rather pleased with what... Continue Reading →

Remove Blockage Here

I'm doing some random posting today, so if you don't want to read a very meandering post, kindly step away from the computer. It'll be for the best. I'm stuck. I'm really effing stuck. Not a writer's block, no. It's more of a "this character did this and now she's got me stuck" kind of... Continue Reading →

Contract Sent

Mailed off the contract for Dreamers in Hell today, which is a load off my chest. If you recall, In the Shadow of Paradise was supposed to be out in Rogues in Hell last year, but issues put it back a book. That's okay, because it's officially coming out this year. My Juan Ponce de Leon story is finally coming to... Continue Reading →

Another Book Release

Still at the farm, and realizing that I miss being out here with my friends. I'm doing some writing, but with Google Drive/Docs being a little screwy, I'm not in my usual "flow" of things. On the other hand, I'm writing. So... eh? I'll be back to regular posting this Friday. I'll also be back... Continue Reading →

Mysticon 2013 AAR

So it's late Sunday afternoon at Soldier's Retreat and I'm coming down off of the high that was the awesomeness of Mysticon 2013. Finally got to meet Col. Tom Kratman in person, which was a hoot, because that man can tell a story. Had to keep it relatively PG-13, however, due to the underage midgets... Continue Reading →

Worst. Collaborator. Ever.

Poor Barb. She's been carrying the load over at SBR lately, providing quality book reviews, as well as being patient about our WIP that's been sitting in my "To Do" pile for almost six months now while I've... uh, been working? Picking my nose? I need an excuse, quick. ...okay, so it boils down to... Continue Reading →


Finally got around to reviewing The Kingmakers. Too bad for you that it's not being posted for another two weeks. Why? Well, because the book doesn't come out until Sept 4. The first Failsafe novel (right now, tentatively titled Beneath A Banner Burned) is moving very, very nicely along. I don't know what it is about brunette air... Continue Reading →

Another Story

Just got word that I've been accepted (officially) into the next Dreams of Steam anthology from Kerlak. My short, "The Finder's Keeper", can be previewed here. I'll have a link and cover art as soon as I have it. Waiting on news for two more stories. Meanwhile, am working nonstop and am in the midst of a damn-near... Continue Reading →


Hey, someone felt sorry for me and went ahead and let my muse speak. Scary, right? Well, here's the link. Also, writing. I'll be around for a real update soon.

Brainfart Week

Total. Mental. Brainfart. FandomFest went well enough I suppose, though half of my time there was spent trying to find my panel rooms. The hotel was a rat maze that begged to be used in a horror flick ala Saw. Jigsaw would have a field day with the crazy assed layout of the Galt House... Continue Reading →

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