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Good News For A Friend

Yay! My good friend Barb Caffrey has recently inked a deal with one of my publishers. Barb, as some of you know, is one of my reviewers over at Shiny Book Review. This is exciting news because she was almost convinced that she would never find a home for the novel. Now it’s residing at Twilight Times Books, and Elfy should be out sometime in 2014-ish. That’s my best guesstimate.

Congrats Barb.

One response to “Good News For A Friend

  1. Barb Caffrey August 31, 2012 at 7:29 PM

    Thanks, Jason! I appreciate it. 😀

    All I know thus far is that the tentative date of publication for “Elfy” is October of 2013. And I know who my editor’s going to be. So everything seems in train, and I’m quite excited. (My brother even congratulated me today. A very nice surprise.)

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