Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy — Brandon Ford’s “Open Wounds”

I need to dress up in the most over-the-top caricature of a pimp, take a picture, and have one day every week where the "Book Pimp" pimps out a new author's work. I'm picturing a gold came, platform shoes (with goldfish inside them), feather boa, large hat, maybe a bright purple suit and... hmm... rose-tinted … Continue reading Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy — Brandon Ford’s “Open Wounds”


I was thinking of writing an article today on race and science fiction, but... meh. No matter which "way" I transcribe it, someone's going to get butthurt over it. Not "mildly disagreeing" with me, and not a "I think you're wrong and this is why" conversation, but generally butthurt. Why? Because people are combative and … Continue reading Butthurt