I did an interview with a new book review site a few weeks ago and it just went live. It was fun and the editor (Mandi Lynch) was very patient with me, in spite of my giggling as I was responding.

I do believe she was merely slightly freaked out.

Also, I have another film shoot today, and potentially two more coming up, so less writing time. More screen time, though. Not sure which I prefer.

Book In The Bag

For the first time ever, and probably the only time ever, I was in the room when this interview took place, but still using current media to be as detached as possible from this process – I emailed him the questions, he emailed me the answers.  Still, watching him answer was sometimes better than the answers themselves.  What you guys don’t know about Jason is that he’s got a wicked sense of humor, and being around him is like being around somebody you’ve been friends with for decades – even if you’ve only known him ten minutes.  Anyway, before I start to sound like a groupie, I should end this introduction.  This is Jason Cordova…

Let’s start with the basics. Who are you?
My name is Jason Cordova. Yeah, that guy.

Tell us (briefly) about you…
I live in Lexington, Kentucky and have a BA in History and an MA…

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  1. I’m pretty sure we were *both* giggling as you were responding. And I really did have fun watching you answer the questions. I wish we could have communicated better for the return trip. Hanging out with you is good therapy.

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