Are You Writing?

Wow, what a crazy week.

Shot multiple scenes for Acts of God out in Louisville. Got to watch them blow stuff up (which was freaking cool), got into a firefight with Taliban (or the Hollywood equivalent… I think they’re called “fellow extras”), got a speaking part in the movie (which may or may not be cut, I’ll find out later) and saw that Sha’Daa Pawns has been released for print and ebook. Then I was sick (which sucked) and then had an allergic reaction to something, which made my forehead and cheeks blister (weird spots, right?).

So, yeah, crazy week.

Just put up a book review over at SBRPartials by Dan Wells, which was an amazing book. I love post-apocalyptic stuff, and Wells seems to be the best I’ve read in the genre (and I’ve seen Revolution on TV… blech). Another review tomorrow (probably The Passage, since I’m on a post apocalyptic kick it appears), and Barb’ll have three reviews or so up later this week.

Have only heard from a few of the NaNoWriMo’ers. How goes? My few are all behind the curve, but hope to pick up the pace soon. Are you writing?

You should be writing. Chuck Norris says so, and if Chuck Norris says write, you write. Or he’ll roundhouse kick a novel out of you.

…on second though, assuming you survive, that is one hell of a way to write a novel.

One thought on “Are You Writing?

  1. short answer to the writing question, yes, and no. Foru more cord of firewood to split and stack then back to writing, only at 1500 so far, but the month is young. Sounds like you had an amazing time on the movie shoots, so congratulations on that. Dan.

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