I really love Sarah Hoyt. Listen to how she breaks down why we can’t have our cake and eat it, too.

According To Hoyt

Today I’m going to come as close to political as I ever do in this blog.  You’ve been warned.  If it’s going to annoy you, you may leave now.

This election has swirled around a lot of crazy things, starting with “War on women” a concept that might as well have been invented by a Martian with no understanding of human psychology or anatomy.  I can just imagine the march on the women’s towns, guns blazing…  I can, unless I realize that most men love or at least like women, and that women are not an army of same-minded robots.  Then there was the war on Big Bird and finally the rather ridiculous injunction to vote for revenge – though what in heavens name requires revenge no one knows.  Of course human nature being what it is, all of us can come up with several reasons to seek revenge on…

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