The Open File

I’ve actually come up with a very good technique to avoid any sort of “putting off” of writing time. I leave the file always open, with intermittent saves to keep my pc honest. It keeps me honest as well, forcing me to look at it regularly and think to myself “Crap, I should be writing.”

Not even a picture of Tony Stark with the caption “You should be writing” motivates me as much as seeing that poor, pathetic, lonely little file in the corner of my screen begging me to write in it.

desktop writing

See? It even mocks me now, as I write this, instead of it. It is a jealous bitch, I tell you.

I don’t know why this works for me, only that it does. Yes, that’s a Death Star logo on the file. Quit distracting me, damn it.

What tricks do you use to keep yourself writing the current WIP, and not something that passes your fancy?

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