January 18, 2013

Meeting My Goal

I screwed up yesterday and forgot that Thursday is a writing day. Granted, it’s not a Wraithkin writing day, but it’s still a “get something down on paper, you lazy bum” sort of day. Which I totally forgot in my haste to paint my Bretonian knights. *sigh*

So today is going to be a writing day, which is rare, because Friday’s are usually my best day to paint. I’m working on a bunch of horror stories right now in addition to Wraithkin and The Gods Anointed. I’m almost done with the followup to Nightwalker, which is in the upcoming Terror By Gaslight anthology. It’s called The Tree of Death and Life and hopefully will be in an unnamed horror antho due out in 2014. I also have to get Collectibles done for the Dark Corners anthology, which is going to be a lot of fun. I wrote the intro poem to it (hint: I suck at poetry). But all of those are taking a back seat to the wicked story idea I had the other day, which has expanded into Death, the unknown salesman, and a spirit baby. And a greasy spoon. Yes, I now how it ends. It’s writing the beginning that’s hard. Oh, and titling it. I hate titles, and mine usually suck.

But if I meet my word goal for the day (1,000 words today) then I get to paint Bretonians tomorrow. Huzzah!

Don’t forget: Mysticon is coming. Dr. Who (7th Doctor) is going to be there. And the guy who created Origami Yoda. Fun times.

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