Two Cover Reveals!

I swear, I look down, get back to writing, look back up... and it's almost been a month since an update. How does time do this to me? Well, this week I had not one but TWO cover reveals occur. The first one is the one that everybody has been waiting for, and HOLY CRAP... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal!

Isn't it pretty? It's so pretty! For this cover I managed to land the freakishly talented J. F. Posthumus to do the cover of the upcoming historical zombie story, The Dead of Babylon. It will be released on December 18th, just in time to satisfy your holiday horrorific cravings (even though it's set about 3000 years ago... Continue Reading →

Libertycon 27 AAR

So Libertycon 27 came to a close and all in all, it went tremendously well. I met new people, made new friends, ran into old friends, made a fool of myself (this is typical) and am now dealing with a very screwed up sleep schedule. So I rolled into Libertycon about three in the afternoon... Continue Reading →

Novella Sold

Kaiju Apocalypse, a novella I wrote with Eric S. Brown, was sold this morning to Severed Press. I'm very happy at this, since it's been about a month since I sold anything and I was beginning to get antsy once more. Now I'm working on two things -- Prince of the Rotted, my Babylonian zombie story, and Murder... Continue Reading →

The Accidental Lecture

I sent off Homeworld: Rockfall to my coauthor Eric Brown yesterday afternoon. The first draft is done (yeah, I was slacking) and though it "only" took about 5 weeks to write, that was a rough five weeks. While the book itself isn't the longest thing I've ever written (I'm looking at you, Corruptor) it is, by far,... Continue Reading →

And Now, The News

I realized that I can't post a review of The Doctor and the Dinosaurs (Mike Resnick) yet due to the simple fact that it won't be published until December. So, uh, yeah... whoops? On the plus side, that means I can go ahead and rush my next review, which is Discount Armageddon (Seanan McGuire). It was a fun, light... Continue Reading →

Book Release 2.0

Just found out that another anthology I'm in, Mental Ward: Echoes of the Past came out today. My story, Wake, which I may have mentioned a few dozen times, is in it. It's a story about an aspiring author and his new job at an old sanitarium -- and the things that go bump in the night. Is... Continue Reading →

Oops… Forgot the Title

It's a little chilly this morning, so there is some writing about to commence. First, however, I must share something. I have designed my very first book cover. No, not the art (I can't draw worth a damn), but designed the title, author name, spine design, etc. It's my first effort, but I think if I... Continue Reading →


#amwriting is, apparently, my most popular Twitter hashtag. For some reason, it's about a million other peoples as well. Seriously, I am the least original person in the world sometimes. I'm still waiting to hear back about  Hill 142. Patience is not my strong point, especially when I'm more than ready to crank out more stuff... Continue Reading →

Overcommitted Is A Word

Yesterday was weird. I got home, and the next thing I knew it was time to go back to work. I did literally nothing yesterday. No writing. No creating. No editing. No painting. No  eating. I don't think I'm sick. But I did miss my word count goal as a result, which has set me back about... Continue Reading →

Should I Title This?

I didn't care who won last night. Not because I don't like football (I love football) but because I didn't like either team that played, I'm not a fan of the halftime entertainer, and I'm not going to watch something for commercials. It's morally wrong to watch prime time TV for the commercials. Have you bought... Continue Reading →

Book Release Day

  What Scares the Boogeyman? was released on Amazon Kindle today. Print copy will be up soon, undoubtedly. You should go buy it. It has a lot of great writers in it like CJ Henderson, Nancy Asire, David Conyers, Rich Groller, Janet and Chris Morris, and it was edited by John Manning. I didn't write a... Continue Reading →

Edited For Content

I didn't meet my writing goal the other day, so I didn't get to paint. Came close, though. But close doesn't cut it when you have deadlines. Trust me. Editors hate when you start an email off with "So I was trying to work out some of the plot details and...". You may as well be admitting... Continue Reading →

Meeting My Goal

I screwed up yesterday and forgot that Thursday is a writing day. Granted, it's not a Wraithkin writing day, but it's still a "get something down on paper, you lazy bum" sort of day. Which I totally forgot in my haste to paint my Bretonian knights. *sigh* So today is going to be a writing day, which... Continue Reading →

Cover Alert

One of the nice things about Perseid Publishing (one of my publishers) is that they love gorgeous covers. Behold, the cover of the Fantom Enterprises/Perseid Publishing joint venture for What Scares the Boogeyman? featuring my short story, "The Cold".

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