Should I Title This?

I didn’t care who won last night. Not because I don’t like football (I love football) but because I didn’t like either team that played, I’m not a fan of the halftime entertainer, and I’m not going to watch something for commercials. It’s morally wrong to watch prime time TV for the commercials.

Have you bought your Kindle version of What Scares the Boogeyman? yet? Seriously, I need to buy socks. Are you going to deprive me of socks just because you don’t want to buy an ebook I’m in? Horrible people; simply horrible.

Yeah, that’s pretty much been my weekend. Painting, writing, and sleeping, with some work thrown in.


One thought on “Should I Title This?

  1. That’s where I was at as well, Jason. I didn’t watch, didn’t have any idea of who won until the game was over — didn’t even know about the power outage, though that at least was interesting (more interesting than the game itself, IMO).

    And I really do not get into the commercials; I never have, even though the one with Mean Joe Greene (re-released in the 1980s, so you probably saw it at one time or another) giving a kid a Coke (in a glass bottle, no less, IIRC) was cute.

    I just am not a big fan of conspicuous consumption on *any* day.

    And as I’ve been feeling really terrible, why should I get up for something like this? (If my internship wasn’t over, I’d have had to get up to keep abreast of it in order to be the best editor I could be for the sports site. But since I didn’t have to watch it, I didn’t.)

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