February 15, 2013

In Soviet Russia…

Well, it goes to show you that the cosmos, at least, are still willing to give Putin the middle finger.

The meteorite seems to have impacted as well, though I’m still waiting to hear back from some friends. As horrifying as it could have been, the science geeky part of me (which is a huge part) thinks that a meteorite impact is pretty cool. Since the Earth is roughly 70% water, the odds of a meteorite striking land is, as you math people can guess, not likely. Granted, it did strike the largest land mass in the world, but still.

That’s why I hated Armageddon. The odds of a meteor swarm taking out both Paris and NYC is pretty low. Very low. Like, I need to play the lottery low.

Hopefully we’ll have news about whether or not there was an impact crater and, if so, what sort of alloys made up the meteorite.

Fascinating stuff.

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