Accomplish-y Writer

I feel all accomplish-y right now.

Put up a review of Maurice Broaddus’ King Maker, which is a fascinating retelling of the King Arthur legends, over at Shiny Book Review. I also cleaned my kitchen, did the litter boxes, and (almost) took out the trash. I mean, I saw that it was almost full, so it’s not like I’m ignorant of my garbage situation…

You know what? Nobody comes here for that information. Sorry, sorry.

I’m still going to be at Mysticon this weekend, but I won’t be staying in the con hotel because I’m broke. So no late-night parties for me involving alcohol. Which keeps the “OMG did you hear what Cordova did last weekend at Mysticon?” stories to a minimum. I still am haunted by Libertycon 21.

Nothing else going on. Trying to get as much writing as I can done before I head out. I really need to wrap up two short stories for their respective anthologies by Thursday.

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