On Reviews For Authors

So at a very odd hour late last night, I went ahead and wrote a review over at Shiny Book Review. To say that it was an adventure is an understatement. Reputedly, this author has a history of lashing out at reviewers, so we'll see just how interesting things get around here. I mentioned elsewhere that... Continue Reading →

Positive Reviews…

...for Murder World: Kaiju Dawn keep pouring in. I would happily recommend Murder World to anyone looking for a quick, pulpy read that is both action-packed and witty. I certainly had a lot of fun with it! Yeah, good reviews. Let them spring forth!

The Accidental Lecture

I sent off Homeworld: Rockfall to my coauthor Eric Brown yesterday afternoon. The first draft is done (yeah, I was slacking) and though it "only" took about 5 weeks to write, that was a rough five weeks. While the book itself isn't the longest thing I've ever written (I'm looking at you, Corruptor) it is, by far,... Continue Reading →

The Briefest July Update Possible

Another long work week ahead of me and I'm still trying to wrap up Wraithkin. It's as though my boss knows I'm almost finished with a book and has decided to make me work more than normal. Plus side, though, is that after my six days in a row I'm taking three off. Yesterday we put... Continue Reading →

Accomplish-y Writer

I feel all accomplish-y right now. Put up a review of Maurice Broaddus' King Maker, which is a fascinating retelling of the King Arthur legends, over at Shiny Book Review. I also cleaned my kitchen, did the litter boxes, and (almost) took out the trash. I mean, I saw that it was almost full, so it's not like I'm... Continue Reading →

Door Charge

Doing some writing today, so it's a short blog update. --Reviewed Cold Days by Jim Butcher over at SBR. My first review of 2013. Yeah, I'm not reviewing as much. Yes, we're looking for more reviewers. --Cracked 50,000 words yesterday on Wraithkin. Go me. --Eating healthier foods. Last night -- Brussels sprouts, tomato basil chicken sausage, orschetti (dafuq?) pasta and... Continue Reading →

Happy Turducken Day!

Just reviewed David Weber's A Beautiful Friendship over at SBR. One of the best YA books I've reads this year, hands down. Go take a look. Other than that, just working furiously on a short story. And playing Words With Friends. And blogging. And playing chess. Yep, I'm lame like that. Have a great Turducken Day.

Getting The Point

Tomorrow I'm going down to Louisville, KY for my second major motion picture movie role (undoubtedly Extra #1,298), so my quasi-usual Tuesday review won't be up until Wednesday. I'm torn because while I need to review Partials by Dan Wells, I also need to review Sygillis of Metatron by Ben Garcia. However, what's making it very difficult is... Continue Reading →


Just wrapped up an interview for Book in the Bag, a review site that is going live soon-ish. The interview is scheduled for October 1st and I had a lot of fun with the questions they asked. Okay, perhaps too much fun. Love it or hate it, it's done. Wrote a book review last night... Continue Reading →

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