On Reviews For Authors

So at a very odd hour late last night, I went ahead and wrote a review over at Shiny Book Review. To say that it was an adventure is an understatement. Reputedly, this author has a history of lashing out at reviewers, so we'll see just how interesting things get around here. I mentioned elsewhere that... Continue Reading →

Positive Reviews…

...for Murder World: Kaiju Dawn keep pouring in. I would happily recommend Murder World to anyone looking for a quick, pulpy read that is both action-packed and witty. I certainly had a lot of fun with it! Yeah, good reviews. Let them spring forth!

The Accidental Lecture

I sent off Homeworld: Rockfall to my coauthor Eric Brown yesterday afternoon. The first draft is done (yeah, I was slacking) and though it "only" took about 5 weeks to write, that was a rough five weeks. While the book itself isn't the longest thing I've ever written (I'm looking at you, Corruptor) it is, by far,... Continue Reading →

The Briefest July Update Possible

Another long work week ahead of me and I'm still trying to wrap up Wraithkin. It's as though my boss knows I'm almost finished with a book and has decided to make me work more than normal. Plus side, though, is that after my six days in a row I'm taking three off. Yesterday we put... Continue Reading →

Accomplish-y Writer

I feel all accomplish-y right now. Put up a review of Maurice Broaddus' King Maker, which is a fascinating retelling of the King Arthur legends, over at Shiny Book Review. I also cleaned my kitchen, did the litter boxes, and (almost) took out the trash. I mean, I saw that it was almost full, so it's not like I'm... Continue Reading →

Door Charge

Doing some writing today, so it's a short blog update. --Reviewed Cold Days by Jim Butcher over at SBR. My first review of 2013. Yeah, I'm not reviewing as much. Yes, we're looking for more reviewers. --Cracked 50,000 words yesterday on Wraithkin. Go me. --Eating healthier foods. Last night -- Brussels sprouts, tomato basil chicken sausage, orschetti (dafuq?) pasta and... Continue Reading →

Happy Turducken Day!

Just reviewed David Weber's A Beautiful Friendship over at SBR. One of the best YA books I've reads this year, hands down. Go take a look. Other than that, just working furiously on a short story. And playing Words With Friends. And blogging. And playing chess. Yep, I'm lame like that. Have a great Turducken Day.

Getting The Point

Tomorrow I'm going down to Louisville, KY for my second major motion picture movie role (undoubtedly Extra #1,298), so my quasi-usual Tuesday review won't be up until Wednesday. I'm torn because while I need to review Partials by Dan Wells, I also need to review Sygillis of Metatron by Ben Garcia. However, what's making it very difficult is... Continue Reading →


Just wrapped up an interview for Book in the Bag, a review site that is going live soon-ish. The interview is scheduled for October 1st and I had a lot of fun with the questions they asked. Okay, perhaps too much fun. Love it or hate it, it's done. Wrote a book review last night... Continue Reading →


Thought about adding a new page on the website for book covers but... eh. Once I have more book covers to share (Sha'Daa: Pawns, Adventurers in Hell and What Scares the Boogeyman?) I'll probably create the page. It's not that hard really, one of the main reasons I like WordPress so much as a website... Continue Reading →

End Note

Over at Shiny Book Review we've done a "Year in Review" for 2011 by talking about what our favorite books were that we reviewed. I should note, however, that one of the problems I faced was the three of my favorite books of 2011 weren't reviewed by our regular contributors but by guest contributors, which... Continue Reading →


Ah, spring. I knew you were there; my allergies have been going crazy this morning. Just put up a new review over at SBR, titled Fat White Vampire Blues by Andrew Fox. I mentioned Andrew and his book before, in my Mysticon AAR. He's a very talented writer who knows how to hit those dark... Continue Reading →

Cowboy Brain F***

Reviewed Paul McAuley's Cowboy Angels over at SBR this morning. Dear God, that book'll mess with your mind! I'll post more this evening. Right now, I'm trying to de-blenderize my brain.

Book Review – Under The Dome

All in all, it wasn't a bad book. I was expecting, almost from the start, the nasty, giving the reader the bird twist that he pulled at the end of the Dark Tower series. Thankfully, he doesn't do that so much as reiterate to a normal person that in life, you are at the mercy of an apathetic bully and hope that the bully decides to quit kicking you eventually. This disturbs me, but I'll cover that later.

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