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That One Post You Never Come To Enjoy

I’ve got this… bug right now. Not sure what it is, exactly. I lost my voice and have been hacking up something most decidedly Kermit colored. On the other hand, I feel fine. It’s weird. I’ll be okay, then suddenly coughing like a maniac. No fever, no aches, no headache. Just no voice.

Huh. Good thing I don’t need to speak to write, right (I say this as I glare at my old speech-to-text program I found on my computer)?

Wrapping up The Tree of Death and Life right now, and have started two more stories for other anthologies. I’m stretching myself a bit thin here, considering that I still haven’t finished Wraithkin (projections put completion on or around June 1). I also added a few things to The Gods Anointed, and titled one other story Fang and Fury.

It’s a good thing when an author says that they are busy. I just need to remind myself to actually finish these things before accepting new projects.

I also picked up a few new books while at Mysticon. Kevin J. Anderson’s Hidden Empire, Miracle at Belleau Wood: The Making of the Modern Marine by Alan Axelrod, Travis Surber’s first Hainted Holler book and David Weber’s A Rising Thunder (in which much development in the Honor Harrington universe takes place, but nothing actually happens).

I’m also still waiting for Sarah Hoyt’s A Few Good Men to arrive. Hmm… speaking of, I need to remind her of a question I asked a few weeks back.

By Jason Cordova

Born in Orange, California, author Jason Cordova has written books ranging from the fantastical realms of fantasy to the militaristic side of science fiction. His latest should be out soon. Really. You should probably buy it. Check Amazon. Demand it at your local store. Pay for his kitten kibble.

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