That One Post You Never Come To Enjoy

I’ve got this… bug right now. Not sure what it is, exactly. I lost my voice and have been hacking up something most decidedly Kermit colored. On the other hand, I feel fine. It’s weird. I’ll be okay, then suddenly coughing like a maniac. No fever, no aches, no headache. Just no voice.

Huh. Good thing I don’t need to speak to write, right (I say this as I glare at my old speech-to-text program I found on my computer)?

Wrapping up The Tree of Death and Life right now, and have started two more stories for other anthologies. I’m stretching myself a bit thin here, considering that I still haven’t finished Wraithkin (projections put completion on or around June 1). I also added a few things to The Gods Anointed, and titled one other story Fang and Fury.

It’s a good thing when an author says that they are busy. I just need to remind myself to actually finish these things before accepting new projects.

I also picked up a few new books while at Mysticon. Kevin J. Anderson’s Hidden Empire, Miracle at Belleau Wood: The Making of the Modern Marine by Alan Axelrod, Travis Surber’s first Hainted Holler book and David Weber’s A Rising Thunder (in which much development in the Honor Harrington universe takes place, but nothing actually happens).

I’m also still waiting for Sarah Hoyt’s A Few Good Men to arrive. Hmm… speaking of, I need to remind her of a question I asked a few weeks back.

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