Jason’s Doctor Who Love Fest Continues

Hey, look at that, a 0600 post. Strange, no? Well, you can think of this little scheduling thingy they have for future posts, or believe that I really am awake early in the morning typing this, sans Starbucks. Your call.

I just finished the David Tennant seasons of Doctor Who and am now on to the Matt Smith episodes. So far I’ve been underwhelmed. It seems that the writing is going out of its way to make him funny, but primarily it’s coming off as childish. I don’t know, maybe he gets better as the season moves along. I do like Amy Pond, however (mainly because I have a weakness for redheads, especially Scottish ones… what, don’t judge me), though River Swan keeps popping up and being her annoying self. Perhaps it’s the writing, but I dislike River very much. The only person who should be that sure of themselves is the Doctor.

Ahem. Excuse me.

On a completely-related note, a very cool artist I got to meet at Mysticon this year is doing a Kickstarter. Now, I normally don’t get on board with any Kickstarter events, because, well, I don’t really have any money to throw around. But this guy… this guy I definitely support. He does these really cool 8-bit pixel art of Dr. Who. Calling it PixelWho, he is having a Kickstarter fundraiser right now to help build his 4th Doctor art. He already has a 10th Doctor one (sadly, I couldn’t convince him to do a 9th Doctor one, since Chris Eccleston is still my favorite Doctor but not everybody else’s), a classic Doctor and every variant of a Dalek one (which is super cool). Really, you should check out his Kickstarter and, if you have some money to toss around, donate.

Work is work, as it were, and writing is moving along. Just thought you should know that I haven’t missed any deadlines in awhile now (though I do hear the ominous hum of them approaching… or perhaps that’s just my imagination?) and am looking at keeping that streak alive. I guess I better get some stuff done then.


3 thoughts on “Jason’s Doctor Who Love Fest Continues

  1. I love that you called her River Swan instead of River Song, even though I doubt you did it on purpose. Give her time and you will understand some things a little better. But I still don’t like her. She drives me batshit fucking crazy. So did Jack.

    Matt Smith’s doctor is very much based off the 2nd doctor. It’s not the writing, it’s Matt doing that. He actually has many of the best episodes of the series. How far in are you?

      • He based his doctor on the second doctor, which makes him a little sillier than 10, but it fits the character. I like him, but he was my first – ep 1 of se 5 was the first thing I watched, so…

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