Ah, the weekend. Well, the beginning of mine, at least.

The Tree of Death and Life has been accepted into the Heroes All anthology, which is super cool because it is the sequel to Nightwalker, which is in an entirely different anthology (Terror By Gaslight), which are both being put out by the team-up of Fantom Enterprises/Perseid Press. I do love writing about Dr. Tobias Fox, so getting in is exciting news. Now that that one is in I get to really start hammering down on Hill 142, which is an alt-history fantasy short story which takes place in World War 1. If you know the “Hill 142” reference and it holds great meaning to you, then Semper Fi. 🙂

Once Hill 142 is done (for some reason it took me three tries to spell “done” correctly) I can really keep working on novels (despite the fact that short fiction seems to be paying a helluva lot better right now than anything else). I started doing this to be a published author (well, okay, not entirely true… I did this so I could save money on shrink visits) who writes novels. The only way to do that is to interject novel writing time into the, uh, timeline.

So… yeah. I need to get to work. And I’m not  allowed to go to Keeneland today. Nope.

Maybe tomorrow?

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