Too Much

Hill 142 is the most vexing, emotionally draining thing I have written in a very long time, possibly since a particularly draining scene in Corruptor. It’s not just emotionally draining, but it brings to the forefront the true heroes and losses during a war. The armchair Rangers and CoD kids who think it’s all a game and that they’d step up and be the hero whenever they want? Yeah.It can be a little harder when you know that there’s the potential nobody’s going to remember anything that you do that day.

I’m not saying that heroes worry about such things, or even worry about doing something heroic. Ask any Medal of Honor winner what they were thinking and they’ll probably tell you that they were just doing their job.

The mind and soul is raw right now. This is a rough story that might not even be finished. I think I’m putting too much into it and not keeping it at a distance like I should. I can’t remember the last time this happened.

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