Spastic Post

A really cool review came out today for Sha’Daa: Pawns which made me giggle. I do like writing nonstop adrenaline rushes.

Did you know, ladies, that a large number of you drop the “F” bomb more than I do? Yeah, I was a bit surprised as well until I listened to one of my neighbors (figures… right when the hookers move out, someone else goes on a menopausal meltdown… yes, that was sexist) go on about their — boyfriend? child? I’m not sure — being worthless and all they ever do was party. F bomb, this, F bomb that… it was a literal smorgasbord of F bombs. I was wondering if I needed to cover my cats delicate and sensitive ears since, you know, they’ve never heard foul language in their lives (*cough cough ahem*).

It’s fun, having weird neighbors. I just wish that I had a farm, and the weird neighbors were about, oh, half a mile down the road. Then it would be even more fun.

For me, at least. I don’t know about the other neighbors down the road. They’d probably not like it at all.

Almost broke my wrist today. That was fun. Large bone bruise, swelling, stiffness… all because I tried to drop 72 pounds of cast iron metal onto it. I must have dense bones or something because really, it was focused onto three square inches of bone. It should have broken. *shrug* I will never get over the wonders of the human body.

The injury, however, doesn’t seem to be affecting my typing, so this is good.

Yeah, this post got a little spastic. My bad.


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  1. Glad you’re not seriously injured from dropping that can on your hand. That sounds nasty.

    As for the swearing, it comes in spurts. Supposedly, swearing is a positive thing to do under certain circumstances, so perhaps this was the best way for this particular woman (or women?) to relieve her stress.

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