Is This Thing On?

So I’ve been too busy to do as many book reviews as I would like to over at Shiny Book Review. So like Professor Xavier, I’ve been recruiting an elite force of like-minded individuals. And recruiting new reviewers leads to… the review I got this morning from a friend of mine. The level of epic that this review is… I can’t even describe it. It’s a thing of beauty. For a first review, it sets a pretty high bar. Go take a look.

I decided that I’m not going to get the next Failsafe story done in time. It’s simple mathematics, really. I have X amount of hours to write, Y amount of writing to accomplish, and Z is in the negative, which leads me to drop a project for the time being. That project, despite the fun I have writing it, is the next Failsafe story. That one is being written on spec, whereas the others are (more or less) contracted. This means that more Tobias Fox stories are coming, and at a faster pace than I thought they would.


I read a very strange trilogy the other day. Not a horrible one, just a strange one. My only complaint? Why is EVERY FREAKING YA STORY TRYING TO MAKE A LOVE TRIANGLE??? Not all readers are love-sick middle aged women, you know. *sigh* Anyways, the books are pretty good and I might be able to review them this week, all in one sort of deal, since the last book came out last week (completely random — I had been given the ARC for book two over a year ago and never got around to reviewing it) and everything is fresh in my mind. Including my (relatively few) gripes (as noted above).

2 thoughts on “Is This Thing On?

  1. Ooh, ooh, ooh- If you get to be Professor X, can I be Gambit?

    Thanks for the opportunity to do the review, I look forward to doing some more in the future


  2. And there are middle-aged women who definitely aren’t lovesick, or even if they are, wouldn’t want to see this sort of love triangle (a love triangle with two age-appropriate men waiting on her, perhaps).

    Anyway, I also enjoyed Chris Smith’s review (told him so, too). 🙂

    And I hope to be able to get a review in for Karen Myers’ first novel in her “Hounds of Annwn” series (Welsh mythology/fantasy about the Wild Hunt and the guy who deals with the various hounds in question). I meant to do this two weeks ago, but my health remains . . . problematic, I suppose is the best word. So my plans are, if I get any energy before Thursday, I’ll write the review and schedule it for Thursday. That way, if I’m able to write a second one (for Chris Nuttall’s “The Royal Sorceress,” probably, though it may be for a Regency romance instead), I can put that on Saturday and not feel too wiped out. (I hate it that I have to consider my low energy level in all of this, but if I don’t, I end up overextending and then end up with no accomplishments at all. Which is ridiculous and not to be tolerated.)

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