Contract Sent

Mailed off the contract for Dreamers in Hell today, which is a load off my chest. If you recall, In the Shadow of Paradise was supposed to be out in Rogues in Hell last year, but issues put it back a book. That’s okay, because it’s officially coming out this year. My Juan Ponce de Leon story is finally coming to life.

I have some exciting news coming up soon that I can’t quite share with yet, mainly because I only have a verbal agreement and nothing in the form of a contract. But rest assured, this is some very, very good news.

Unfortunately, with all this stuff going on (as well as gearing up for Libertycon 26 and moving in August), Shiny Book Review has fallen by the wayside. I have some books that need to be reviewed but I really do not have the time. With Barb fighting 13 different illnesses (I exaggerate — it’s only 4 but it must feel like 13 to the poor woman), plus with her own novel due to her publisher, SBR is getting set on the back burner for a little while. I know we’ll still be doing reviews, but (for now) just not as many as we had in the past.

Wake (Mental Ward: Echoes of the Past) should be coming out in July or August sometime. Nightwalker (Terror by Gaslight) should be around October (I think). A Promise Made (Sha’Daa Facets) should be out sometime in December (guesstimation). Anything after that? Who knows at this point. I do know that I have stories in anthologies coming out in 2014 and beyond, but a lot of that is in the air with firm publication dates (I typically don’t find out until a few weeks before it comes out… which is the way it is these days it seems). I do know I have a poem in Dark Corners as well, and possibly another Tobias Fox story (Collectibles) if I can ever get it finished and submitted in time. I also signed up to write five more Tobias Fox stories, though these aren’t set in stone (aka I don’t have a contract, just the interest of the editor).

I keep signing up for anthologies. Gah. Gotta quit doing that. Or at least, signing up and saying “Yeah, I’m on board” then realizing that you now owe stories to 14 different anthologies.


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