Wrapping up Wraithkin as we speak, which is why I haven’t been around much (or doing reviews lately). It’s almost ready for beta reader squad to tear it apart and point out the inconsistencies (I know they’re there, I just can never find them) and horrid dialogue. I also need to make a few chapters darker than originally written, but that’ll wait until I have the finished product in hand.

I don’t think I was this excited about completing Corruptor way back when, but then, that book was a beast of its own. I think I got drunk after completing it… actually, I know I got drunk after it was finished. Very drunk. That book made me weird.

So I went and became a fanboy this past week. On a whim I joined the Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, which is something I should have done years ago (I’m a huge Honor Harrington fan), and then promptly joined the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps. I could have gone RMN but I figured that since I’d already done the Navy thing once, I might as well try out the (fictional) Marine side of things. Plus the uniform is a little less expensive than the RMN, which means I don’t have to break the bank to build it. The downside is that since I’m usually a guest at conventions I attend, me going in uniform is not going to be a regular occurrence. Unless I really want to screw with people’s heads by doing autograph sessions while in uniform… heh. That’d be amusing, actually.

Okay, short break from writing is over. I’ve got a book to finish.

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