Tentative World Domination Plans (v1.2.1)

It actually took me a few minutes to realize that today was Friday. Wow, where has the week gone?

My computer is making that “I’m dying” sound again, which comes at a really, really bad time. I haven’t found a laptop I want to drop money on yet. This machine needs to understand that it must last at least six more months (preferably longer… like, forever) so I can get a SSD laptop. I like the idea of no moving parts on my hard drive. Less things break this way (in theory at least). Plus, after a talk with Miriam at Libertycon this past weekend, I think I’m going to give Windows 8 a try. Apparently it’s designed for people with a brain like mine (extreme ADHD and multi-focusing at the same time) which would be a nice change of pace. Sometimes it takes me forever to figure out where a picture in here is located. Or, worse still, a file that I worked on recently (I’ve misplaced a document that has a lot of cut scenes from Wraithkin — about 14,000 words worth that I might be using for the sequel now that I’ve got it figured out… I really want that file) would be at the tip of my fingers (apparently) instead of buried somewhere deep in the dark heart of a mislabeled folder.

Of course, I could upgrade the BeastMachine but, given that it’s on its last legs, I really don’t want to invest much into it. Perhaps another new graphics card (I still think this is the primary problem… the cards can’t handle the machine, even when they’re 1gb processing “god of war” types) might solve the Whirr of Doom? I don’t know.

…my next door neighbor likes to have loud outside conversations on the phone. Random interlude because her conversation is intruding on my thought process…

I’m planning my 2014 con schedule now. If you want me to attend, you need to get with me by December. 2014 already is going to be a crazy year (since I’m planning on Worldcon, which is in London), and Libertycon always gets me in June and Mysticon in February, so the timing is going to be tight. Granted, there’s always the possibility that Worldcon doesn’t happen and I have to miss one of my “usual” cons but, as of now, this is the tentative plan.



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