#amwriting is, apparently, my most popular Twitter hashtag.

For some reason, it’s about a million other peoples as well. Seriously, I am the least original person in the world sometimes.

I’m still waiting to hear back about  Hill 142. Patience is not my strong point, especially when I’m more than ready to crank out more stuff in that universe (you know, the one where WWI was won with magic, giant beasts and machine guns?) and I need to get my head into Collectibles. Of course, the dark and somber mood of Hill 142 is completely at odds with the partially-insane, whimsical attitude I am writing Collectibles in. Think of Dean Koontz’s Tick Tock (a book I absolutely loved, by the way) and you have a rough idea of the whimsical nature I’m aiming for here. Here’s a small sample of what I’m dealing with right now:

The one bad thing about being someone like me is the inability to have a permanent home. To wander, to travel, to simply find yourself in the next exotic locale is one of the biggest benefits of my life. It does, however, create some unwanted tension in your family. Especially when your family consists of a rag-tag collection of three hookers-turned-zombies, a male vampire submissive, and a gender confused mummy.

I used to travel with them via caravan throughout old Europe but, with the rise of Communism, the spread of new technology, and the fall of the old ways, we were forced to make a quick exodus to the New World. And by quick I mean a two year journey across two oceans, accidentally landing upon the wrong continent, losing one of my hooker-zombies, finding said hooker-zombie in a city four hundred miles away, and almost having my vampire staked by an overzealous dominatrix in one of the more seedier parts of New Orleans.

Needless to say, I was looking for some rest and relaxation when we stumbled upon the small inn somewhere in South Dakota.

Yeah, I have to get my mind into the right state in order to delve into this story.

I’m also waiting to see the cover for the Mental Ward: Echoes of the Past, where my story, Wake, currently is waiting to see the light of day. Their last anthology cover was really cool (see here) and I’m excited about the potential in this one.

I’ve kind of beat around the bush with this, but the starting August 9th I’ll be on the internet intermittently. By that I mean hardly at all. I’m moving, and since it’s across two states, everything has to be packed away well beforehand. I should be back up and running around the 30th, but no guarantees. So if I don’t respond to you, don’t freak out. I’m not ignoring you, really.

…speaking of, I really need to remember to send my new address to my publishers. I do like getting those checks every once in awhile…

Okay, back to work.


You see what I did there?

Ed (7:01PM): Just realized I never actually “linked” to the page where the cover for Mental Ward: Tales of the Asylum was at. Yeah, sorry. My bad.

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