Oops… Forgot the Title

It’s a little chilly this morning, so there is some writing about to commence. First, however, I must share something.

I have designed my very first book cover. No, not the art (I can’t draw worth a damn), but designed the title, author name, spine design, etc. It’s my first effort, but I think if I can get the hang of photo shop then I might be able to become decent at this sort of thing. It’s not “bad”, but I know I can do better. But for now, this is the temporary cover.

Temporary Cover

Temporary Cover

This cover is a little important to me as well, because it’s the first anthology featuring Tobias Fox (and my first time ever leading off an anthology with a story. I’ve been the last story of an anthology –which is an honor too, because that means the “finality” of the book rests on your shoulders (or story)– but never started one off before). I could have faded the title text a bit, to make it blend in more with the background than it currently is. Overall, though, for my first try? I’m not displeased by this.

Okay, need to get Rockfall done now.

Edit: Yep, forgot to title it. So that’s the title. Go me!

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