So apparently I am very, very allergic to poison ivy.

Last week I was helping out in Mimi’s garden, planting mums and helping dig up some weeds. I knew there was a little poison ivy in the flower bed (I’d planted other mums a week before) but I had thought I got most of them out.

I was wrong.

I got a double dose of poison ivy (Tuesday and Friday) and now I’m… well, splotchy and puffy are two of my favorite terms right now. 160 mg of prednisone hasn’t even touched it, and anytime warm water touches it I start scratching like mad. It’s a horrible sensation. Plus, I must have gotten some on my face, because the entire right side of my face looks like I got beat up, including cauliflower ears. 

I managed to get an interview for Shiny Book Review done on Monday night, but didn’t have the energy to do the second one I had scheduled. Fortunately, Amanda Green is very understanding and we’re rescheduling for a time when I’m not trying to rip my skin off. Unfortunately, I also haven’t finished Rockfall because of this. It’s very, very difficult to focus on writing when your entire body feels like it’s on fire.

To make this even better, I went to the Ball State- University of Virginia football game on Saturday and was in the sun the entire time. So yeah, a sunburn on top of this. I’m a special little bear when I’m not thinking (however, Ball State did win, so I’ll take it). 

I’m going to lay down again. This really sucks.

One thought on “Puffified

  1. sounds like you are worse off than my neighbor was when she got some. Her daughter it seems is not allergic at all as she got it chasing her. Her rash was the worst case I have personally seen, but luckily for her it was only on her legs that she was really bad off. They looked like she got used as a cat scratching post.

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