Kickstarters? Yeah.

Fall is in the air! How do I know? Because it was freezing this morning when I took Sophie out on our walk.

One of the nicest things about living on a farm is the quiet. You never really appreciate how noisy the city is until you live far enough out of it. And by “appreciate” I mean “Thankful you no longer have to live in an area where your neighbor can look inside your bathroom window from his bathroom window”.

However, the downside of living on a farm is when a cow loses her calf in the middle of the night and is constantly mooing for it to return. Meanwhile, baby is asleep about four feet away. *sigh* It’s okay, though. Sophie is a city dog, and watching her acclimate to the life on a farm is rather amusing. She still doesn’t know what to make of those huge mobile steak factories that wander around the hills, for example.

My interview with up and coming author Kal Spriggs went live yesterday after a glitch over at SBR. For some reason I missed a zero when imputing the release time and… the Kraken never showed. So I manually updated it and post it. You can find out more here about Kal and his methodology in writing.

I generally don’t back a lot of Kickstarters because, well, I don’t have a lot of disposable income (being this fabulous is hard and pricey) but I have supported three now since I first heard of Kickstarter two years ago. The first one, Pixel Who, was an artist’s 8-bit graphic rendering of everything Dr. Who related. I have all the stuff I won in that Kickstarter sitting in a protective tub, waiting to be put into a frame and mounted on the wall. The second and third ones are ongoing at this time. The first is a Kickstarter coin challenge by Larry Correia, of Monster Hunter International fame. I missed out on the Schlock Mercenary coin challenge earlier this year and was extremely annoyed by this. I swore I wouldn’t miss out a second time, so I went ahead and supported Larry’s efforts. It still has quite a ways to go, but he’s already crossed the $50,000 threshold. That’s impressive, for some collectible coins. If you want in on this action, click here. It’s the usual bid process — meaning you promise to pay X amount on a certain date and, in return, you get Y products. It’s a win-win all around, one of the many reasons I like Kickstarter.

The third Kickstarter I’m supporting (okay, unofficially, since Larry’s coin challenge cleared out my disposable income) is Janine K. Spendlove’s Kickstarter for the third War of the Seasons series, The Hunter. I reviewed book one, The Humanover at SBR a year and a half ago and never got around to reading the next book in the series (The Half Blood). Now, Janine’s using Kickstarter to publish the third book in the series (she’s active duty Marine, so she doesn’t have time to do what some authors (like me) do, but I’m fully endorsing this Kickstarter. $5 gets you a guaranteed e-copy of the book in any format you desire. I’m hoping that my status as Mountain Bear — Great Leader at SBR scores me a free copy one day (not holding my breath, however) but, in the meantime, you can pledge $5 (or more!) and score a book.

I’ve debated about doing a Kickstarter to get the cover artist I want for Wraithkin but, truth be told, I can imagine that many people would be interested. I mean, it’s not as if I have a wide readership. However, the guy I have in mind for the cover isn’t that expensive, so I may yet do a Kickstarter and see how it goes.

Probably not, though.

Okay, need to kill off some people and talk about Roman gods. Have a good day, people.


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