New Week

Okay, so draft V.1.5 of my collaborative effort with Eric Brown was sent back to him last night. I added some stuff, changed a character name, and basically padded the word count a little. Still a short novel, but now it’s climbing into that “full length” range that we had intended it to be. Still has room for more additions, but overall I’m fairly pleased with the effort.

I also reviewed David Weber and Jane Lindskold’s latest Stephanie Harrington YA novel, Treecat Wars, over at SBR this morning. Unfortunately, the Face of Books seems to be down so I was unable to share the link there. Fear not, however, because the link for the review is posted previously. You should check it out.

I, Godslayer is about done. The problem I’m having with it is finding a home. I’m not entirely sure if this fits in with one of my editor’s stories (I originally intended for it to be in an anthology called Dark Corner but now I’m not sure it fits there). I’ll pose the issue to him and see what he thinks. If not, I can always sell it as a novella through Bad Moons (which would mean I’d need to design a cover of some sort for it), but I like it when I get to be lazy (and get paid for it!).

Keeping busy. It frosted last night, and taking Sophie out on our morning walk meant braving the chill. Now, I love the cold, but my poor dog has a short coat and decided that a quick walk was in order this morning. I wasn’t about to argue, considering all the things I need to get done today (it seems like I have a massive list piling up and every day I fall further and further behind).

I haven’t gotten my deer yet. I’m a little annoyed by this. I had a shot on Saturday but is was too dark out for me to be able to determine if they were does or bucks. Since I can only get does, I have to be extra careful. At this rate, I’m never going to get my venison chili.

I also discovered Arrow, the TV show. Not bad. Of course, the teenage sister of the hero looks like she’s 30 instead of 17 but hey, I can’t complain. Overall, decent acting and writing. That says more than any other show I watch regularly. I also have tried watching Once Upon A Time in Wonderland… I’m still waiting for it to be interesting. The Red Queen is a pale shadow of evil, while Jafar is well acted but horribly written. Alice has potential, but the only character I truly like is the Knave of Hearts. Naturally, they’re probably going to ruin his character at some point by creating a love triangle with him, Alice and the Genie. Just you wait.

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