Short Stay

I’m putting the finishing touches on Wraithkin this week and preparing to send it off to the Beta readers this weekend (probably Saturday night), which is part of the reason I haven’t really commented on the Virginia elections yet. I’ll have something a little more concrete this Friday, but all I can say now (without going into full-on lecture mode) is that the third party candidate, Robert Sarvis (Libertarian) did not cost the Republicans the election. Their own ineptitude did.

Okay, back to editing.

One thought on “Short Stay

  1. Jason, I completely agree with you. Ken Cuchinelli was just too far to the right, IMO, for most Virginians. He believes in that “personhood” amendment — something that really worries me, as while personally I do not believe in abortion, I also do not think I should tell other people what to do about it — much less when life actually *starts*, which is what that personhood amendment does. (If that amendment had passed, it’s possible that a woman who miscarries late in her pregnancy could be sanctioned. I saw all sorts of unintended consequences with that law, and *that* one was at the top of the list.)

    I’m a Hillary Clinton Democrat, and I like Terry McAuliffe in many ways — but had I voted in Virginia’s election, I almost certainly would’ve voted for the Libertarian candidate. It’s not that I dislike McAuliffe, either — I think he could be a good Gov. for Virginia in the same way Jim Doyle was a better than average Gov. for Wisconsin. But Doyle was never popular in the state, rather being a guy who understood how things ran and helped facilitate things (it’s a style of governance that’s fairly low-key once you’re in there, if that makes any sense, that I feel McAuliffe is most likely to emulate).

    The reason I would’ve not been likely to vote for McAuliffe has more to do with the whole process in Virginia. Everything I heard would’ve led me to cast a protest vote. But I also liked what I heard about Sarvis. I felt he was a more mainstream candidate in many ways than Cuchinelli, and had Sarvis had any money behind him whatsoever, *he* might be the Governor of Virginia right now.

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