The Cold Has Arrived

So Wraithkin is being edited right now, and some more mistakes have been pointed out (though acknowledgement that I avoided a deus ex machina ending pleased me. I was afraid it would be a bit contrived) and will be fixed this week. I decided, after discovering a short story/novella I found that I had started long ago (I have no idea when) would be a good fit for John Manning’s Shamblers zombie-themed anthology. It’s going to be titled King of the Hollow, and is a tale about Hammurabi’s son and his reunification of Babylon. I should be able to finish this when I get back from my weekend trip. I should be wrapping up I, Godslayer by then as well.

Guh. Nobody told me that writing was going to be so busy!

Some fun news in my fan group. Our application to found a group in my neck of the woods was passed, and I got promoted, so now I’m the CO of the HMS Wolverine (DD-88). Which means I need to buy more stuff for my uniform/costume.

I reviewed Mike Resnick’s latest Weird West novel, The Doctor and the Dinosaurs, over at Shiny Book Review. It was a fun book with Doc Holliday and dinosaurs (really, you didn’t see it coming? It’s the title of the book). Not sure what I’ll review next, quite frankly. I have one author who I told to send me the .pdf of his book and he never did, then emailed me yesterday asking me if I had decided whether or not I was interested. That was… strange, since he had copied my response in his reply email which told him what to do. *shrug*

I missed the Dr. Who 50th special, so nobody spoil it for me. I’ll see it soon enough (I hope). If you spoil it, I’ll break your hand.

No joke. With a hammer. The claw side of it, no less.

I’m going to try and get another deer this afternoon. I have about 50 pounds of venison in the two freezers right now, and I’d like a bit more. It’s going to be cold though, with freezing rain and perhaps some snow. Perfect hunting weather, because it means they won’t be able to smell me. But still… cold. Plus, now that the scope is properly sighted in (it was off by about 3.5″) I shouldn’t worry about accidentally shooting the deer in the good meat.

I’m happy, though. Winter is here. The Starks can shut up about it now.

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