Farm Fresh

Oh no, I’ve been neglecting the site again.

I’ve been quite busy the past week, since hunting season has officially kicked off and winter is starting early this year (no snow, but it’s getting cooooold). The cows have gone home, though, so no more worrying about calves being born. Still haven’t killed the coyote that was stalking them, but I know where he hangs out. Been thinking of getting some chickens. I like fresh eggs every day, and though it means that I can’t make hard-boiled eggs anymore (farm fresh eggs suck for making hard-boiled eggs) I still make scrambled eggs (with chorizo!) regularly. But if I want chickens, I need to rid myself of that coyote. And fix the ancient chicken coop.

Ah, life on a farm.

Wraithkin is done and so far, the reviews have been very positive. Found some minor spelling mistakes (nothing grammatical yet, but that’ll come) and I think it’s ready to send off almost. I’ll have one final set of eyes look it over (probably one of the toughest readers I know) and then it’ll be off. I have hopes for this one. Nothing like a MilSF novel to wake up in the hands of one of my favorite publishers.

My project with Mark Wandrey is on the burner now, with the sequel to Wraithkin in the back of my mind. Waiting for word from my agent about the Homeworld sequel as well. I was hoping to hear something by Christmas, but… eh. Not worrying too much about it right now. I’m more concerned about getting other projects done. But if I get a check for the sequel to Homeworld (which, yes, has had a name change) then it’ll be like a late Christmas present or early birthday. I’m happy with that.

Time to get some work done. These things don’t write themselves (for which I’m glad; I’d be out of a job in a week).

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