Troll Baiting

So apparently trolls are all the rage these days. I had no idea.

I love reading the blogs of authors I like to… uh, read? That sounded a lot better in my head. Anyway, so I was reading Larry Correia’s blog around 5 this morning and saw that there was a troll in the dungeon. I read quite a few of the comments and thought “Yay! Troll baiting!”

Troll baiting, you see, is a time-honored practice among the men and women of the woolly north who use tactics such as snarkiness, double entendres and wit to manipulate, control and, when they grow bored of the game, destroy trolls. Trolls are sometimes fun, but usually just filled with daddy-hating rage, angst, and emoish outlook at the world. Because as everyone knows, everyone is a special little snowflake.

But… Larry denied me the opportunity to troll bait, because he banned McStalker (the other nickname I had was inappropriate and while I know people would get a good chuckle out of this, people from the church I sometimes go to read this blog and then they start asking me pointed questions when I see then again… *sigh*) and I came in too late. I moped a bit, then decided to go be whiny on my blog and troll myself.

Ah, the things I do for entertainment.

Jay (from the Beta Alpha Squad-Team Awesome Reader Division) just sent me back the heavily edited Wraithkin. So I know what I’ll be doing while stuck at home during this supposed ice storm that’s going to hit tonight. Still, he said it “didn’t suck” which, from him, is high praise indeed. I need to re-organize the beginning, add the scene I thought about writing then discarded because I didn’t know where it would fit in at, and clean it up before submitting. No big deal, except that the word count is probably going to climb.

That’s… actually not a bad thing, since it was on the short side at 92,000 words. Remember, Corruptor was at 117,000 words, so Wraithkin is shorter than what I’m used to.

*sigh* I’m still annoyed, by the way, that I wasn’t even invited to go troll baiting…

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