Reading Materialist

Wraithkin is with the agent now. I have two weeks to complete my Dark Corners anthology story (Collectibles). I should have written it months ago, but life kept getting in the way. Okay, life and other novels. And other short stories. Okay, okay, I just suck as a human being. I’ll get it done before the deadline, even if I have to pull an all–nighter again (like I did for Wake… uh, nobody tell the publisher that I wrote Wake in two days).

Sorry that my last post got so political. I typically stay out of politics on here, but something inside me snapped this past week. So now that I’m on some government watch list (well, I probably am… they won’t confirm it) I’ll be, uh, probably doing the same thing I always do on here. *scratches head* Huh.

I’m reading Cedar Sanderson’s Pixie Noir right now for Shiny Book Review. Just starting, so I don’t really have an impression of it yet. I’ve also been rereading the entire Honor Harrington series, and am currently on Ashes of Victory. I forgot how freaking long these books are, though, so this may take longer than I thought. My buddy Johnny-Minion is letting me borrow his copy of House of Steel, which I really, really wanted to read. I think that and A Rising Thunder are the only two books in the series I haven’t read yet.

Yes, I read a lot. I think all writers should read more than they write. It keeps your brain from atrophying.

Anyone else reading anything interesting right now?

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