It’s Too Real In Here

Jason, you haven’t updated in, like, forever! said nobody.

Christmas was good for me this year. Most of you already know I got a 4 pound container of jelly beans (oh, and some cash) and some books and clothes (which, quite frankly, is all I ever seem to want. Cash, book, and clothes), as well as ordered my new uniform (I have shoulder boards now… wow). Gearing up for Mysticon and basically prepping for the end of the year as we know it.

I worked on Collectibles a bit over Christmas, but I’m not really happy with it. It’s a funny story, which I like, but I don’t really get the “gist” of it. It’s my own story, so that could be a problem. Other than getting really drunk and then trying to write it, I got nothing. And while writing drunk is hilarious (because I never seem to know what the hell is going on, yet something magical comes out… wow, that could totally be misconstrued as something else) it usually makes the editor in me cringe and want to strangle someone. And when my inner editor is unhappy, the world burns.

So yeah, I’ve called my muse Ganesh and my editor the Joker. It just gets too real for this reality sometimes.


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