Brief Update

Put a new review up over at SBR tonight. It’s the debut novel of Tiger Gray, called No Deadly Thing. I think the title was a bit misleading, since there were many deadly things about. It was passable, though I think that I was expecting much more. I’m growing more particular in the quality of novels I read these days, which I blame on guys like R. S. Belcher and Larry Correia.

My coauthor has Murder World right now, so I’m busily working on other things. Notably, Darklingwhich is the ever-changing title of the sequel to Wraithkin. I keep bouncing back and forth between “Darkling” and “Deathling”. *shrug* Eh, whatever.

I had a wisdom tooth yanked out ten days ago. Yesterday, while driving home, I found a small shard of said tooth still stuck in my guns. Owwwww. Yeah. Digging it out while driving is not recommended.

On the plus side… no, there is no plus side. It is merely a place between “suck” and “pain”.

Go about your business. This is just a brief.

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