March Madness Obligatory Update

My obligatory March Madness post…

I actually started off pretty good, and am still in good form thanks to some timely upsets I predicted. I’m in the top 50 in my group (out of 8,000?) so go me.

Best thing going: all four of my Final Four selections are alive and well.

Bad Thing That Happened: I missed Ohio State getting upset, and North Carolina losing.

Worst bracket: I originally was going to pick the Midwest (I had Wichita State losing in the next round to Louisville, and Duke growing a pair) until I happened to look over at South bracket and see a whole lot of red. I completely whiffed on Dayton and Stanford (I had Ohio State and Kansas battling it out in the Sweet Sixteen), and I was only partially right about UCLA (I had them losing to S. F. Austin). Yes, I didn’t trust VCU. Not a lot to like there, and usually there’s a 12 taking out a 5 somewhere. My Final Four pick for that bracket (Florida) is still alive and well, and I’m pretty sure there isn’t anybody left in that bracket who can stop them.

Best bracket: I was omniscient in the West. I only missed Oklahoma St/Gonzaga. I thought Oklahoma State would upset them. Should have known better. Gonzaga, if they’re ranked lower than 6, is almost a shoo-in for the Sweet Sixteen. Weird, I know.

Thoughts on the Sweet Sixteen: Wichita State was hosed, in my opinion. Ranking Kentucky that low (as well as Louisville) was a travesty on the selection committee’s part, and it caused the first (1) see to be bounced. On the other hand, Louisville/Kentucky is a compelling match-up. I lived in Kentucky for two years and can tell you with certainty that these two schools hate each other. Oh, it’s not quite on the level of Ohio State and Michigan, but it’s stronger than USC and UCLA.

The other game I’m interested in seeing is Baylor and Wisconsin. I don’t know why, but these two schools, with their drastic playing styles, reminds me of the Boise St/Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl game. I think we’ll see some craziness, and I’m predicting a Baylor upset.

Final Four picks: Arizona (1–West), Louisville (4–Midwest), Florida (1–South), and Michigan State (4–East). I have a national championship game of Florida vs Arizona, with Arizona coming out on top (I’m probably wrong here, since I think Arizona’s offense is suspect but I think their “D” will carry them).

And that’s the last I’m talking about this for 2014

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