Coming Soon

Final proof copy of Kaiju Apocalypse was turned in late last night (I think I finished going over it at around 0045). There were some formatting issues (what is it with me and screwed-up formatting?) but nothing I couldn’t handle. It should be out any day now in ebook format (and maybe print). It’ll be my first novella as well, which is something I suppose.

Still waiting to hear back on Wraithkin. I’m actually working on the sequel (Darkling) and Murder World simultaneously right now. Murder World is pretty close to being complete, just have to wrap up the ending and one massive fight scene.

I’m not sure when the re-release for Sha’Daa: Pawns is coming out, though I’m guessing “soon”. My new story for this one, Paragon Idol, is about a fallen child actor and an offer made on behalf of the Darkness. Fun story, and should be out sometime in May (I think), because Sha’Daa: Facets will be out in June or July (and that one has A Promise Made).

Okay, back to writing. I have a deadline to meet.

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