Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy — Brandon Ford’s “Open Wounds”

I need to dress up in the most over-the-top caricature of a pimp, take a picture, and have one day every week where the “Book Pimp” pimps out a new author’s work. I’m picturing a gold came, platform shoes (with goldfish inside them), feather boa, large hat, maybe a bright purple suit and… hmm… rose-tinted glasses?

Pimps still wear those, right?

This week I’ve already pimped out Barb Caffrey’s newest book, An Elfy on the Loose, and now I’m pimping out Brandon Ford’s upcoming Open Wounds. I’ll be reviewing this book on Sunday over at Shiny Book Review, but I wanted to talk about it first here.

This novel, which he classifies as a horror novel, is a story about a teenage girl who, upon her parent’s divorce, is moved across the country with her mother to Philadelphia. But while there is a psychological horror to it, I was oddly reminded of Go Ask Alice, which was published in 1971. I’d classify Open Wounds as Teen Lit, but only because the main character is dealing with issues that are far more common today than a typical horror story is.

Anyway, when it comes out you should pick it up. It’s about a girl who loses everything, including herself, and finds more than she ever thought possible at the end. It’s gritty, and has some graphic stuff in it, but… let’s just say I was just going to read the opening chapter before I went to bed and ended up staying awake until 2 AM finishing it.



Consider this book pimped.

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